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Your child's session is important to us. We are here to help you get the best experience and quality possible for this important milestone in your life. For our children sessions you should allow 30 min to 1 hour. We can split your session into studio and on location, but typically recommend one or the other for children to assure we have captured the moment before their attention is else where. There is no limit on outfits, but keep in mind children often don't like to change clothes! We recommend keeping one or two outfits for this session. With each session you are encouraged to bring any props you might need for pictures, such as hats, glasses, stuffed animals, or any other interest your child may have. After your session we will schedule your presentation session where you will view and order your images on our large screen. We will help you narrow down and select images. We will assist you through the process of deciding what fits your needs best, whether it is a large framed wall portrait, a canvas gallery wrap, a metal display, or gift prints for Grandma and Grandpa. Please let us know of any special requests you may have before our session, to ensure we are capturing what you need! 

We love your input! To make sure we are capturing every aspect of your child's personality, we love to hear what they enjoy doing and what their interests are! If you have any special ideas you are wanting to do let us know in advance so we can prepare for your special images. 

You can become a lifetime Brittney's Photography client and not have to pay a regular setting fee again. Ask us for details.