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Newborn Only
After going through months of anticipation your little one is finally here and who isn't proud to show them off. Since we LOVE and ENJOY photographing newborns so much we do offer free newborn sessions (meaning no setting fee) as long as the newborn session is pre-booked and we can schedule within 2 weeks (preferably within 5-7 days)after your precious little one has arrived. We do require a minimum order, but don't be intimidated by that, because after you see your newborns first professional images you will be in love! Each newborn session is around 2 hours, which gives you some time to catch up on some much needed rest on our comfy couches, and us some snuggle time! We have several props in studio and you are more than welcome to use any of it. (hats, wraps, headbands, bows, tutus, ties, etc.) If you have any specific items you are wanting your newborn to be photographed with feel free to bring them along. If you have a specific idea of what you are wanting, please let us know. Keep in mind where you might be displaying these images, colors that would work best, nursery themes you want to match, or if you are wanting to keep it simple with black and white. Just a heads up we keep it pretty "toasty" in the studio for this session.

Family and Newborn
Capturing the family as a whole or even just mom and dad with your newborn is a timeless image to have. We suggest keeping it simple, with black shirts and blue jeans, that way the main focus is on your expressions. These images are great to display in either black and white or color, for many years to come. If you are wanting to do family and a newborn session and have other small children, we recommend either bringing someone else along with you or making sure dad is free to "entertain" while we finish the newborn session. A play date in the park is always a great way to spend sometime while we capture the sleeping newborn. With this session there is a setting fee and minimum order.

Please contact us for prices. If you are a new client ask us about becoming a lifetime Brittney's Photography client.