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Capturing your newborn while they are so little is one of the most irreplaceable times in their life. Seeing the tiny little fingers and toes just reminds you how much of a miracle and blessing your newborn is to the world. We LOVE photographing newborns, all of us being mothers ourselves, we cherish each little one that comes in as if it were our own. Honestly who doesn't enjoy a little snuggle time with a precious newborn baby? Being able to go back to their newborn images and remember how tiny all their little features were, how peaceful each one is while they slept, how they would make cute little faces while dreaming, and all those days you would just snuggle with them on the couch, regardless the time of day. Newborns are a wonderful gift from God and this precious time passes all too quickly and cannot be replaced. You can trust Brittney's Photography to capture this moment in time.