For your Presentation

Create a Wish List

Presentation Session

Please come prepared for your presentation session. For this session you will need to bring a wish list of pictures you need, such as sizes and quantities. Don't forget to make a list of everyone you are getting pictures for (Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and any siblings!) Since you have already paid the minimum order, you will have a credit that will be applied to your final balance.


Large Portraits and Wall Collages

If you are interested in purchasing a large portrait for your home gallery, please make sure we know. The first step in determining a size is to figure out where you would like to put it. You will then need to measure the available space. Another determining factor is if you would like the photo to be portrait or landscape when you hang it on the wall. After you have measured and determined orientation, look at the colors you have decorated with in your home. Decide what you would like best, black and white, sepia, color or a wall collage/multiple prints or canvases? Once you are in the studio and ready for ordering, we will assist you with the rest.



Lots of framing options are available. We would love to assist you! If you would like an in home consultation we are available.  If you need help picking the right colors, textures, styles, etc. we can help you pick the best selection to show off your portrait. When picking out frames it is best to wait until the print has arrived so you are able to compare the framing samples against it. There are several styles available, Traditional, Shabby Chic, or something whimsical from Organic Bloom.


Final Ordering

After your orders have been placed, most prints are available for pick up 2-3 weeks later. Some larger prints and special products may take additional time. If you need your prints sooner than the promised time frame above, rush orders are an option. The rush fee is based on your order. Ask us for a quote, or if you are concerned your portraits may not be ready for your deadline, please ask Brittney and she will do everything possible to make sure it is ready on time.


Other Ways of Ordering

Your initial order will be done directly through Brittney's Photography at your Presentation Session, unless other arrangements have been made. If you need to place a re-order you can do so in studio, through e-mail, or by phone. To order by e-mail, send the image #, quantity and size to When you are calling with your order have your image #, quantities, and sizes ready to go.



Your pictures will only be put online after your presentation/ordering session and will be available for 2 weeks for an additional $35. YOU CANNOT RECEIVE YOUR CREDIT IF YOU ORDER ONLINE. While your pictures are online, friends and family are welcome to place their orders directly online.


What if I need more pictures in a year?

All of your portraits will be available for reorder up to 4 months after your session. After 4 months, the pictures are taken off the main hard drive of the computer and stored on multiple backups. Pictures are not guaranteed to be here forever, but they will be here for many years, unless there is a natural disaster. If you come back in after the 4 months and need more pictures there is a re-uploading fee, to access the images, of $35.